Liberty Pumps Open House!

After over a year of construction, the Liberty Pumps expanded facility was finally open to family, friends and the public! Liberty hosted over 700 guests during a special open house event earlier this year. There were two major segments to the event - a special sneak peak for family and friends of employees, and later in the evening, the facility was open to the public.

"In the early years of the company, we just wanted to survive," states Charlie Cook, president and CEO, as he recounted how he joined the company in 1972, which his uncle, Fred Cook, opened in 1965. "We kept our heads down, kept doing what we did best and slowly we just grew. We are very proud of where we are today."

his most recent expansion of the company has grown the facility to over 247,000 square feet. The completed facility includes additional manufacturing and warehouse space, a new powder coat line, an expanded research and engineering lab with a large in-ground testing pit, a larger lunchroom with an internet cafe for employees that need access to the web, and a sales & marketing wing with a product training center.

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