Always Watching

Know what's happening with your pump - anywhere in the world, with NightEye® wireless connected products by Liberty Pumps.

ALM-EYE Series

Wireless Enabled Pump Alarm

ALM-EYE Series

Intelligent pump monitoring and alarm notifications sent to your smart device - anywhere in the world.


Water-Powered Backup Pump


The SumpJet with NightEye® wireless technology provides the ultimate in basement protection. Receive notifications anywhere in the world on your smart device when your backup pump has activated.


442-Series with NightEye® Alarm

Battery Back-Up Pumps


The StormCell® 442-Series, Battery Back-Up Pumps, is available with optional wireless enabled technology. The NigthEye® cloud-based system provides constant monitoring of your backup pump.

Pro-Series Packages

Featuring NightEye® Alarm



ProVore 380

The Pro380 , Pro370 and ProVore380 packages will now be available with optional NightEye® alarms for Wi-Fi connectivity and remote notification sent to your smart device!.