Liberty Pumps ends production of the pedestal sump pump

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Liberty Pumps ends production of the pedestal sump pump

May 17th marked the end of an era for Liberty Pumps with the final model 101 pedestal sump pump being produced in its Bergen, NY facility.  The model 101 is the last remaining pump from the company’s original product offering dating back to 1965.

“It’s pretty amazing that this product sustained a 48 year production life given the advancements and popularity of submersible pump technology” states Randall Waldron, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It is not often a product can sustain 4 decades of sales with very little changes to it. Sales volume for this model has simply dropped to the point where it is not viable as a production model any longer.” As part of the ceremony commemorating the final production unit being built, Liberty staged a pump “funeral” complete with flowers, a few words from the president Charlie Cook and a procession through the manufacturing area where the last pump will eventually find its resting place in the Liberty wall of fame. “We’re not shedding too many tears however” states Waldron, “our aggressive product development and new innovative designs have helped put us on track for another record sales year.”

Dave Haymon builds the final production model 101 after 48 years in production


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