Liberty has partnered with Autodesk

We are excited to announce that Liberty has partnered with Autodesk (the provider of Revit Architectural Software and AutoCad) to have our products included within the Autodesk® Seek BIM model library.

Revit is a leading design software used by engineers when designing buildings.  Within the Revit software, designers have access to a large library of mechanical equipment.  Liberty’s products are now part of this library called Autodesk® Seek.  Over 400 specific Liberty models have been file converted to BIM (building information modeling) which can be directly downloaded into the building design plans.  Along with the product image being dropped into the design, the individual product specifications are included. Everything from electrical load/usage to GPM performance!

Links to these files can be found on Liberty’s home page and will also be available from our product specific pages.


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